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Dental Veneers in Jefferson Valley, NY

Improve Your Smile and/or Protect Your Tooth’s Surface From Damage With Dental Veneers. The Best Dentists are Located Near You at Jefferson Valley Dental Associates 3654 Lee Blvd Jefferson Valley, NY 10535. Contact Us Today for More Information (914) 996-6264.

Dental Veneers Near Me Jefferson Valley NY

Is your smile being affected by stained or damaged teeth? Restore your smile today with veneers from Jefferson Valley Dental Associates. This common dental procedure can dramatically improve your smile. There are several different kinds of veneers we offer at our dental practice. Come in today for a one on one consultation to see which one is best for you!

Dental Veneers

The simplest option to improve your smile is a dental veneer. We will place a thin covering on the front side of your tooth, the side that’s visible when you smile. They will look as natural as your other teeth. Dental veneers can help correct chipped or worn teeth, uneven spaces between teeth, crooked or misshapen teeth, and stained teeth that can’t be improved through teeth whitening. Dental veneers are typically made from resin material or porcelain. There are pros and cons to both materials, and our dentist will help you pick the right one for your teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

A veneer made from porcelain is a custom fit shell that is made to fit on a tooth. They are durable, long lasting veneers that have a natural looking surface. Compared to a crown or a cap, less enamel of the tooth needs to be removed. Best of all, they do not stain very easily.

To place a porcelain veneer, our dentist will remove a small amount of enamel from your tooth. This is usually along the sides and the front to make room for them, so your teeth look natural. We will make a mold or impression of the now prepared tooth so the veneer can be created. We will also select a shade that best matches your other teeth. It may take a few days for the custom veneer to be made. During this time, a temporary veneer will be placed to protect your tooth.

When ready, the dentist will place the veneer on the tooth to make sure the shape and fit are comfortable. If any adjustments are needed, they will be made at this time. When ready, the tooth will be cleaned, and the veneer will be bonded to the tooth using an incredibly strong adhesive.

Composite Resin Veneers

A composite resin veneer is made different from a porcelain veneer. It is made from tooth color filling material that is bonded to the tooth. Compared to crowns and porcelain veneers, even less enamel needs to be removed. In some cases, this process can be done in one visit, and the overall cost is usually less compared to porcelain veneers. Although resin veneers are not as strong, they can be quickly and easily fixed.

When you visit our dentist for a composite veneer, they will use the resin to sculpt a shape that bet first your prepared tooth. A special light will then be used to harden the composite resin and bond it to your tooth. After that, it’ll be polished, so it looks like your other natural teeth.

Are there any considerations before I get veneers?

To get a veneer, your gums must be healthy. If there is any disease, it needs to be treated before they veneers are placed. If you grind your teeth or clench them, veneers may not be a good choice as this will wear them out quickly. You may have to sleep with a dental guard at night to protect them.

You cannot “undo” a veneer; once the tooth enamel is removed, it will not grow back. Also, veneers can become loose over time in which new ones will have to be crafted. Veneers can break or chip if put under pressure, so avoid chewing on things like fingernails or pencils or eating hard things like ice. It will take you a few days to get used to them, but if you don’t feel like your bite is correct, please come back so adjustments can be made and be sure to let us know when placing them if something is off.

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