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Cavity Fillings in Jefferson Valley/Yorktown NY

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Cavity Fillings Jefferson Valley/Yorktown NY

Cavities are one of the most common dental problems faced by children and adults alike. At Jefferson Valley Dental Associates, our expert dentists and team of hygienists can provide you with the preventative care you need to prevent cavities. However, if the time comes that you develop tooth decay and require a cavity filing, our top-rated dentists are here to help with that as well.

What causes cavities?

Tooth decay, more commonly referred to as “cavities,” are areas of permanent damage on the hard surface of your teeth. They are called cavities because the damage develops into small openings in the tooth itself. Cavities can be caused by a combination of different factors. They are most common in patients who do not clean their teeth well, snack often without brushing in between, or who enjoy too many sugary foods and beverages. Eating too many sugar-filled snacks can cause plaque to form on your teeth. When plaque isn’t effectively removed with flossing and brushing, the acids found in plaque can damage the outer enamel of your teeth, leaving the soft inner layer of dentin open to attack by the same acids and bacteria. Cavities can become painful and cause tooth sensitivity once the bacteria reaches the inner tooth material, known as pulp, which becomes irritated and swollen as a result.

Do fillings hurt?

At Jefferson Valley Dental Associates, we strive to create as comfortable an experience as possible for our patients, no matter what procedure they are undergoing. When you visit our office for a cavity filling, we will administer a local anesthetic to numb your teeth and gums, as well as the surrounding area of your mouth to reduce any discomfort you will feel during your procedure. While there may be some pain once this medication wears off, it is important to remember that cavities can be just as painful if left untreated and can continue to grow in size and cause further damage. The temporary discomfort you may experience because of your dental filling will also help stop the continuing damage caused to your tooth by plaque bacteria.

What are fillings made of?

Over the years, an increasing number of varied materials has become available for patients in need of cavity fillings. It has been a long time since the only options were obvious metal fillings. Our patients can choose the best filling materials for them based on their desired cost, insurance coverage, and aesthetic needs. A wide variety of materials including composite resins, ceramic, metal amalgams, and even glass ionomer may be used depending on a patient’s needs. The dentists at Jefferson Valley Dental Associates can help you decide which filling material is best for you based on your needs and other factors such as cost and location within the mouth.

Are fillings permanent?

Most fillings can last for many years without any need for replacement. The most obvious exceptions are glass ionomer fillings, which will typically require replacement in about 5 years. However, cavities may wear down or break, and it will be necessary to replace a filling if you notice worn areas or cracks in them. It is best to have damaged fillings replaced as quickly as possible in order to avoid causing further damage to the cavity and surrounding tooth.

At Jefferson Valley Dental Associates, we are committed to helping our patients achieve and maintain a happy, healthy smile. If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity and think that a cavity may be to blame, call us today or schedule an appointment online.

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