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6 Questions to Ask Your Pediatric Dentist in Jefferson Valley, NY

Jefferson Valley Dental Can Answer Your Top 6 Questions When Searching for a Pediatric Dentist. Call (914) 996-6264 for More Information or to Book an Appointment. We Are Conveniently Located at 3654 Lee Blvd. Jefferson Valley, NY 10535.

6 Questions to Ask Your Pediatric Dentist in Jefferson Valley, NY

You want your child to have the absolute best pediatric dental care, and here at Jefferson Valley Dental, we do too. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 6 questions to ask your pediatric dentist in Jefferson Valley, NY. These questions will help you determine whether a pediatric dentist is the right choice for your child and his or her specific needs.

1. What should my child and I expect from our first dental visit?

Both you and your child will want to know what to expect from an initial visit with a dentist. Each dental clinic is different, and each dentist is different. A good pediatric dentist will take your child’s age and level of anxiety into account, as well as any dental concerns you have about your child. Generally, a first visit is a simple meeting between a dentist, the patient, and the parent. A dental exam is optional.

2. What services are you able to provide to help with my child’s oral health?

This is one of the more general and fundamental questions. You’ll want to know about the services a dentist can provide, other than simple checkups and cleanings. For example, if the dentist is able to provide sedation dentistry, it can help to prevent a child from moving too much during a checkup or procedure. This can be especially valuable for a child who suffers from anxiety or a movement disorder.

3. Are your dental X-rays safe for children?

Radiographs, also known a X-rays, are important for diagnosing any dental issues. This is true for children too. It’s important that a dentist follows the X-ray recommendations established by the AAPD and the American Dental Association (ADA). It’s also important that the office uses modern digital radiographic equipment, which can minimize any risk of radiation exposure.

4. What services would you recommend for my child?

Assuming the dentist performs an evaluation during your visit, this is another good question to ask. The dentist’s answer will give you a good idea as to how attentive he or she was during the examination, and if he or she detected any specific dental or medical issues your child has.

5. How often should my child see a dentist?

Generally, a child should see a dentist every 6 months. This gives the dentist a good chance of catching cavities or other issues early, and treating them before they can become significant issues. However, your child might have special requirements, and the dentist should take them into account before recommending how often your child should see a dentist.

6. Why do you believe you are the right dentist for my child?

A pediatric dentist will have the proper certifications to be able to treat your child, so the dentist should be more than willing to volunteer this information. Also, a pediatric dentist is trained in pediatric dentistry for children from infancy to adolescence, so the dentist will likely volunteer this information, as well as any other information you need to hear.

And there you have it: 6 questions to ask your pediatric dentist in Jefferson Valley, NY. We hope you found our list useful, and we encourage you to keep the questions in mind during your visit with a pediatric dentist. If you’d like to come see a pediatric dentist here at Jefferson Valley Dental, then we’d be delighted to meet you and your child for a simple, easy visit. You can find our address on our Directions page, and you can call us directly at (914) 996-6264 to set up a meeting.

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